Diversity & Inclusion

We're stronger together

By embracing diversity and celebrating our differences, we’re able to think in new ways and accomplish what otherwise wouldn't be possible. We believe this so strongly that we’ve developed an internal ethos around it — Be Orange. Be You. — that guides us at work and beyond.

Our commitment

We are aligned behind a shared commitment to have a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where employees feel respected, valued and driven to realize their full potential.

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We build and nurture diverse teams representing multiple backgrounds, genders, racial and ethnic groups, abilities, nationalities, identities and experiences to respond to and meet the varying needs of an increasingly complex and diverse world.

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We continually update our policies and practices to improve our culture and help ensure all employees have what they need to be successful in the workplace.

4 andersen employees brainstorming


We believe all employees should feel respected and valued, not only for what they bring to the workplace, but for who they are as people. It’s everyone’s unique perspective that helps us engage with our customers and communities in innovative ways.

Our approach

From how we recruit and who we hire to the culture we foster internally to the ways we support diversity measures outside of our company, we’re championing diversity at Andersen, within our industry, and across our communities.

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Awards & affiliations

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Best employer for women

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Best employer for diversity

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Supporting our employee service members

Our 2020 DE&I report is available

Celebrating diversity

Allies for Equity

Allies for Equity

We celebrate and embrace the uniqueness of each individual during Pride Month and every month. We strive to champion a culture of empathy and inclusivity for all.

Introducing Latinx

We're excited to introduce one of our newest Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) — Latinx. This is an all-inclusive group focused on celebrating Latin culture, addressing the challenges within it and enlightening anyone interested in it.

Women's Build

Habitat for Humanity Women Build

Since 2001, female employees from Andersen’s Twin Cities’ locations have participated in Women Build, gathering to build an affordable home as a team, develop leadership skills and strengthen relationships.

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