Folding Outswing Door Sizing Calculator

Sizing up a door of this nature is no small task. At Andersen, we know every detail is important which is why we've created a sizing calculator to guide you on how to properly design, specify, and prepare your opening for this door. We know having as much information up front as possible lends to a more successful installation and experience.
Begin by selecting the options you're interested in, then click the calculate button. Not sure what you're looking for? Visit the Folding Patio Door page for more information.

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Results Summary

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Panel Style -
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Note: This configuration has no external access hardware.
Calculated Dimensions Width Height
Rough Opening - -
Unit Size - -
Panel Size - -
Frame Depth -  
Panel Thickness -  
Stile Width -  
Sill Depth -  
Screen Rough Opening - -
Screen Unit Size - -